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Al's Shaving Products

Al's Shaving Products are all about "bringing you and your razor closer together". To that end, they have a line of soaps, creams, aftershaves and balms to make your shave a dream. A chemist by trade, Al turned his fascination with wet shaving into a line outstanding, high quality grooming essentials. When he was discovering that every soap and cream he used was causing irritation, Al decided to make his own. His resulting formula created so much lather, a mushroom cloud amount, on the top of his brush that he dubbed it "the bomb". Continued experimentation and reviewer feedback, led to the wonderful products you can get today. Pure ingredients and botanicals combine to bring you healthy, safe-for-the-environment grooming aids. Grab Al's shaving products, they're the bomb!

Al's Shaving Cream & Soap
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Al's Shaving Products Reviews
Great stuff
Al's Shaving Cream, Goodfellas "Great lather. A little goes a long way. The scent takes me back to my youth when I would go to the barbershop on Saturdays with my granddad
Excellent cream
Al's Shaving Cream, Goodfellas.great scent,like good old times,performance wise,it was great.
Average at best with a high price
Al's Shaving Sapone da Barba, Al's Private Stock.I do own this soap and unfortunately it didn't impress me. The scent was a rose scent fairly similar to what Klar smelled like. Fairly easy to lather so about average there but below average in slickness. After shave face feel was about average as well. The soap doesn't get any positive publicity on the shaving forums because it's honestly nothing special. For a $25 soap there are way better options out there. To name off several that are sold on this site: Soap Commander, Tiki, Reef Point, Captain's Choice, Strop Shoppe, LA Shaving or anything made by Valobra would be a much better choice. Al's creams are slightly better than his soaps but again I find many others that I prefer. You don't hear much about Al's shaving creams in the shaving forums either. I find as a general rule If it's not being talked about in the shaving forums it's not something worth buying. Overall average products with a high price.
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