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Barrister & Mann Aftershave

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Barrister & Mann Aftershave Reviews
Very Nice
Barrister & Mann 42 Eau de Toilette Loved it!! Unique and most definitely is the answer..... where's your towel?
Not for the weak!!!
Barrister & Mann Arctique Aftershave I love this stuff! The scent is mild and dissipates quickly so it doesn't interfere with any of my colognes. They aren't kidding when they say this stuff is cold though. I don't think I could feel my face for more than an hour (not that I'm complaining) and it feels like someone just put a giant ice block right on my face. Definitely not a winter aftershave but worth every penny!
19th Century Fragrance
Barrister & Mann Cologne Russe Aftershave Splash This is a wonderful aftershave. Terrific fragrance, good on the skin. Nice effect on the hands after applying. After trying it, I immediately ordered a second bottle so I wouldn't run out. I wish Barrister & Mann would make a true cologne intensity version, something that would last 6-8 hours.
Not for use in winter
Barrister & Mann Arctique Aftershave When they say this stuff makes your skin feel "COOL"; that is an understatement! If you've used 'menthol' shave products before--and like them--go ahead and try it...but this is at least 5X's stronger than any other menthol experience you've previously encountered. That 'coolness' lasts for at least an hour after you splash it on. The reason it isn't sold after the end of Sept. is because they don't want to be liable if you go out in zero-degree weather, then claim, "I didn't know my face was frost-bitten, I just thought it was the 'coldness' of my aftershave !!" It it like the first half of "Icy-Hot"; the pain relief rub....the "icy" is from the menthol doing its thing--making you feel 'cool'. After using this, you'll never complain about the alcohol 'sting' from any other actually makes your face NUMB for awhile! There is nothing else on the market like it--a truly unique experience--but I doubt if I'll buy it again...not much 'smell' to it at all. Caswell & Massey Jockey Club is my favorite scent.
Better Than The Soap
Barrister & Mann 42 Aftershave Splash Bought the soap first because I wasn't sure about the scent. Loved the performance and liked the scent so I then ordered the splash. I was surprised how much more I enjoyed the scent of the splash. It's a seasonal offering by B&M so if you are interested, I suggest you get the soap and the splash ASAP.
Barrister & Mann Reserve Classic Aftershave Splash I gave this 3 stars because it is probably a quality product. I will not use it because it smells exactly like Old Spice.
Smells like dirt
Barrister & Mann Petrichor Aftershave Splash Another excellent product from BM. You'll just have to decide whether you like the scent. It truly does smell like warm, damp dirt.
Soothing aftershave
Barrister & Mann Reserve Cool Aftershave Splash This aftershave is of very high quality. Barrister & Mann were going for an Italian Barbershop smell and got this one correct. It has a slight touch of menthol, but the minute you apply to your face you will instantly get a cooling effect. The smell go away after an hour, and leave my face feeling refreshed after each shave. I want to try the classic and spice of the reserve line as well.
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