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Bees Knees Pomade

Bees Knees Pomade was never intended to be a commercial venture. Founder, Drew, was looking for a pomade that didn't contain petroleum or mineral oils, and he was coming up short. And with the few that he found, none of them could hold up to an active lifestyle. He began a two year journey to create an all-natural, petroleum free styling product that held up to swing dancing and band jamming. With beeswax, lanolin, and essential oils he created something that "could respectfully be called a pomade". After sharing it with his friends, he was convinced to put it on the market - a good-for-hair pomade that still holds any vintage look. The naming and logo are a friendly nod to a by-gone era and a group of "can-do" individuals, the Seabees, among whose ranks Drew's great-grandfather is an original member. So whether you want to rock a jelly roll, flaunt a pompadour, or work a slick back, Bees Knees Pomade has the product you need.

Bees Knees Hair Pomade
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