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Chiseled Face

This up-and-coming groomatorium is making luxury shaving soaps and aftershaves for men who are "maintaining rugged good looks". If you want to keep your movie star chiseled jawline smooth & groomed or if you want to sport a little scruff, these handmade soaps are just for you. Tallow-based and fantastically scented, you will be coming back for more - as quickly as they can make it. Nostalgically aquatic, mysteriously earthy, classically barbershop with a twist, or arguably the coldest soap on the market, Chiseled Face has something unique for YOU. Whipped up in Southern California, "where the weather is warm and the shaves are close", this small batch artisan soapmaker is keeping it local and keeping you looking (and smelling) good.

Chiseled Face Aftershave & Shave Soap
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Chiseled Face Reviews
Waiting for my faced to become chiseled...
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz Great product with a great smell. Being upfront though I am a little new to the 'nice shave' club. That being said it has a much better shave quality than the stuff that came with my beginners kit. Not to mention 1000% better smell. Highly recommended!
Shaaving Soap
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Midnight Stag Excellent soap for shaving. I only shave my head as I have a beard. It creates a thick lather quickly and has a great mild yet masculine aroma.
Great Scent!
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock Love the scent! Perfectly matches the Chiseled Face Sherlock soap, and the scent lasts a day and a half. Be careful, cause a little goes a long way.
Very good shave soap.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Natural This is my first experience with Chiseled Face soaps. I ordered it because of the Shea Butter content for winter moisturizing and it performs beautifully. Using a pure badger Shavemac brush, it loaded easily in the tub with a few drops of warm water and lathered well with a few seconds of whipping in my lathering bowl. Results were a thick, rich lather with plenty of slickness for a comfortable shave. Post shave results, my skin was well hydrated with no undue razor irritation. No distinct scent that I could tell other than very light notes from the ingredients - my plain witch hazel has more scent than this soap so there's nothing at all that would interfere with aftershaves or colognes of any type. Worked very well on my sensitive throat, I recommend trying it.
Ni e
Chiseled Face Cryogen....Brrrrrr.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz Been using Osage Rub and Proraso Green and liked the feel of menthol so thought I'd jump into the deep end with Cryogen. Glad I did. Wonderful sensation with much more pizazz than the Proraso, but that's to be expected. Where this really takes off is with use after a first pass. That second helping of lather on a shaved face is exhilarating. Haven't tried Snake Bite yet but can't imagine it's much more potent than this. Nice lather and lubrication. This one stays in the rotation...
Very good aftershave
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock I love the Chiseled Face lineup so I decided to give the Sherlock a try. While it has all the great elements I love, I don't love the fragrance that much. For me personally it has a bit too much tobacco scent. Other than that, it works great, has a nice alcohol bite to check your shaving technique, and wakes you up. I'm just going to have to try another one!
Great Product
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Summer Storm I saw this product on here and wanted to give it a try. This scent is my go-to aftershave after a nice long Ikon shave. You get a nice alcohol bite, that's not too crazy with a great long lasting scent that reminds you of pine, a sawmill, summer in the forest. Great product I highly recommend.
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