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Chiseled Face

This up-and-coming groomatorium is making luxury shaving soaps and aftershaves for men who are "maintaining rugged good looks". If you want to keep your movie star chiseled jawline smooth & groomed or if you want to sport a little scruff, these handmade soaps are just for you. Tallow-based and fantastically scented, you will be coming back for more - as quickly as they can make it. Nostalgically aquatic, mysteriously earthy, classically barbershop with a twist, or arguably the coldest soap on the market, Chiseled Face has something unique for YOU. Whipped up in Southern California, "where the weather is warm and the shaves are close", this small batch artisan soapmaker is keeping it local and keeping you looking (and smelling) good.

Chiseled Face Aftershave & Shave Soap
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Chiseled Face Reviews
Masculine scent and lathers well.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Sherlock, 4oz Purchased this shave soap on a whim. I thought the name was interesting. To my surprise, I found the scent very appealing and it lathers quite well. Slick lather, that provides a very close shave, even if it has been a 2 or 3 days between shaving. It is one of my go-to soaps although I admit that I'm a big fan of Mystic Water soap - a small soap-maker out of Maryland.
Hooked on the scent
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Sherlock, 4oz I was ambivalent about the scent when I bought it but was intrigued by the reviews. Once I tried it I loved it. The scent really grows on you. This soap explodes with lather. This scent and chiseled face brand is my #1 favorite.
Icy Cold
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz I really enjoy the icy tingle of menthol in shaving creams, soaps, and after shaves. Cryogen defiantly delivers that same icy cool I like, however, I found it does not lather up or provide as much cushion compared to other soaps
The sharp sting of a cold day.
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Cryogen This aftershave is fantastic. I love the sudden sharp sting followed by the ice cold sensation on my skin. My pores close up tight just like receiving a blast of cold air. I can literally feel the antiseptic properties working. The strong menthol scent does not last long which is nice. I love this aftershave and soap combination on a hot South Florida morning. Thank you Chiseled Face and West Coast Shaving.
Ice cold for hot summer
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz I live in South Florida where the summers (and really the whole year) is blazing hot. This soap is ice cold and gives a nice chill to the face without a burn. The menthol is so potent, it clears the nostrils and dilates the sinuses without burning my eyes. The foam is slick and voluminous like snow. My blade glides on it like ice. I have zero irritation using this soap. I am a huge fan and will definitely be buying it again. Thank you Chiseled Face and West Coast Shave Company
Pow! Perfect!
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz I got a sample of this alone with Sherlock and Midnight Stag; and I think this is my absolute favorite! It lathers and performs beautifully and the scent is awesome! I will def. be buying the tub size soon; and I want to try the aftershave splash too! It will be amazing to smell like this all day long!! Highly recommend this! Shave On!! :-0
Modern Vintage
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock This is a great aftershave. The scent is definitely NOT "classic barbershop" so in that respect I think it's thoroughly modern. Sherlock is a deep warm comforting scent like sitting with your favorite old book in a leather chair and a glass of red wine or single malt. It has enough menthol to give a nice cool down on hot days while the witch hazel and aloe soothe. I didn't know if I would like this warm of scent for summer, but it's excellent and lingers on all day. Definitely will buy this again.
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