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Fine Accoutrements

The evolution of Mr. Fine is indeed a fine story. One day, Mr. Fine ??? a financier on the lookout for unusual investment opportunities ??? heard about the benefits of a traditional wet shave. After trying it out for himself, he got hooked on the pleasures of proper grooming, particularly the refreshing tingle of a good aftershave splash. Of course, Mr. Fine's keen financial mind wondered whether he could re-create his very favorite aftershaves at home to save a few bucks, and there you have it: the very fine story of some very fine products. All of his aftershaves contain only four ingredients, none of which are petroleum-based or contain artificial colors or strange emulsifiers. After all, he's not interested in dermatology or cosmetology or any other trendy ???ology.?? Mr. Fine only wants to restore the pleasant efficiencies of a good shave and a great scent to men everywhere.

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Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray works well ,holds brush ,good size, unique design
The Not-So-Obvious Shaving Essential
Fine Lather Bowl, Ivory and White Being a Northeasterner, I've noticed that my favorite shaving soap seems to work at its best during the warmer months of the year, while a good shaving cream was ideal around Winter. Makes some sense, but I also realized that working up a,lather straight from a shaving-cream bowl wasn't the most efficient way to work, and that I was going through a bowl of the stuff a bit faster than necessary. Some had recommended a scuttle, but nothing I found on offer really appealed, so I assumed I'd just have to roll with what I had.

Until now. The Fine Lather Bowl seems deceptively simple at first, and you might look at the price, since, and ask " who're YOU trying to kid?" But I decided to "take one for the team", if you will...and I'm hear to say the hype is real. From the raised ribs inside the bowl that aid in whipping up a fast lather (just dio your hot-water-soaked brush with a dab of your fave cream and start stirring), to the weight of the thing, light enough to hang on your bathroom wall (via the handy hole in the handle), but weighty enough to stay put while twirling your brush single-handed - no need to steady the bowl with your other hand.

The upshot: you may not absolutely *need* this, but if you value your shave ritual, AND want to get more shaves from every bowl of cream (or even shave soap), you'll want this.

Hot Tip: pour hot water into the bowl and let your brush soak for a minute or two, then pour the water out prior to lathering. This not only preps your brush for lathering up, but the bowl retains heat for the duration of the shave...a big deal if you're into multiple passes.
I must try for all wet shavers.
Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray I had a soap bowl for a while, but not a lather bowl for my lather, soaps, or croaps. This is a perfect solution, and handsome too. Try with Edwin Jagger Ivory Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl w/ Handle, Col. Conk Apothecary Shave Mug #119, or any other fine Hand Thrown Apothecary Mug. Pull the trigger gentlemen - worth every penny and ounce of weight too in hand.
Wait a Minute
Fine Classic After Shave, Green Vetiver My first time trying out Green Vetiver I had a moment of thinking this has no scent !

It took a minute but the fragrance kick in to my delight. Cool notes of citrus jumped started my long day ahead.
Amazing scent - great value
Fine Classic After Shave, American Blend This is the classic barber shop, with a great woodsy and leather scent. This one lasts all day, without making me grow tired of it.
Fine Platinum aftershave
Fine Classic After Shave, Platinum A great, classy, masculine scent, with just the right amount of menthol and not too much alcohol. It soothes and cools for a refreshing post shave feel.
Super duper and unique!
Fine Classic After Shave, L'Orange Noir I just love this product.

The orange scent is just killer, if that's your bag (citrusy products) it is mine.

I have several Fine aftershaves in the growing collection, and this is a real standout.

Lingers much longer than typical AS's, and creates a nice waffle every once in awhile throughout the day.

Someone asked if I was wearing Aramis the other day...

Nothing else quite like it out there from what I see.

Only a slight burn, and as with all the Fine AS's I've tried, a nice silky skin feel after it dissipates.

Standard for me as long as I can get it!
Fine blades.
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, Green (5 Blades) These are fine blades. Sharp and smooth. I've found none better at this low price.
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