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Midnight & Two

Midnight & Two is passionate about creating a shaving experience like no other. While they started with typical formulas and typical ingredients, they found they wanted to go beyond the expected. After thousands of hours and hundreds of formulas, they've created products that are a cut above. From using natural, rare, and unique ingredients sourced from around the world to focusing on essential oil scents, Midnight & Two is bringing you a luxurious shaving experience -- that works better. Check out all their products handmade in Calgary, AB, Canada

Midnight & Two Aftershave & Shave Soap
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Midnight & Two Reviews
A Good Shave
Midnight & Two Shaving Soap, Citrus Island The shave was great. The scent from the tin is poor but good when latherd up. Nothing memorable (IMO). The ingredients is where this product shines and why it asks the price it dose. I like the shave, I’m not in love with the scent (And I like citrus shaves). This soap would probably go well with whatever your favorite after splash is.
Midnight & Two After Shave Balm & Face Moisturizer, The Cabin Great smell. Thin enough that it dissolves quick. A small amount goes a long way. A little tingle here and there because of the alcohol but nothing bad.
Absolutely fantastic
Midnight & Two Shaving Soap, Citrus Island Best soap I ever tried. Perfect in all aspects.
Very nice soap
Midnight & Two Shaving Soap, Citrus Island "I have more soaps then I know what to do with. Midnight is a extremely nice soap, excellent lather/cushion, provides great slickness/glide to the blade. I also enjoyed the scent not to faint or to strong, very pleasant.
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