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Prep Skincare Products Limited

When this cream was first introduced in the 1860s, it was probably hawked on street corners as a "Doc Allen's Miracle Cure." Because this one cream does it all! If you have a skincare need, Prep Cream can probably help. Although first developed in the USA, Prep products are now headquartered in the United Kingdom. They have undergone constant innovation for 150 years to bring you the wonderful, soothing, moisturizing grooming essentials that they are today. From skin cream to aftershave balm to shaving foam, if a Prep product is going to go on your skin, you can be assured of its beneficial ingredients. Suitable for the whole family, Prep Cream is formulated from 7 special emollients and essential oils chosen for their unique properties. This "miracle" cream is touted to soothe insect bites, heal diaper rush, alleviate razor burn, treat sunburn, nourish dry skin, soften calluses, and more. Try it for yourself and see this isn't a "wonder cure".

Prep Skincare Products
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Prep Aftershave Balm, bottle AS-PEP-001 Prep Aftershave Balm, bottle
Prep Skincare Products Limited
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Prep Cream, tube PS-PEP-002
Prep Cream, tube
Prep Skincare Products Limited
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Prep Cream, jar PS-PEP-001
Prep Cream, jar
Prep Skincare Products Limited
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Prep Skincare Products Limited Reviews
One of the best pre and post shaving creams
Prep Cream, tube I have been using this cream for years, and I never found a better one not only for shaving but also for general skin protection
PREP is a Good First Step
Prep Cream, jar After using this stuff for a few weeks I will say that is does a good job of reducing irritation after I shave when I apply it before applying my shaving cream. It does have a little tingle but nothing bad and you dont notice it after the first few uses. I also discovered it makes a pretty good aftershave as well when applied & lathered with a warm damp brush.
great cream
Prep Cream, tube works great on any skin irritation ?goes on easy and absorbs fast
Nothing better!!!
Prep Cream, jar I used PREP several years ago, for shaving, skin irritations, sweat-galling, etcetera. It's fantastic on ALL counts! I'm so glad that I've been able to find it again! After waiting several weeks/months, PREP was finally available from WCS again!

Thank you, WCS!
All purpose stuff
Prep Cream, tube Now that I'm into 'wet' shaving with DE blades, I noticed I was stockpiling an enormous quantity of "shaving gear." I'm going on vacation in July, and wanted a tube of SOMETHING that I could use as both a PRE-shave, and a AFTER-shave balm. This stuff fills the bill...and you can use it on sunburns, too! (Except--like a vampire--I hate being out in the sun!!) I have other AFTER shave balms that I like better--when I'm at home--but for a week on the road, this one tube saves space in my bag!
Great PreShave in Economic Packaging
Prep Cream, jar "I tried a tube of Prep and loved it. While the tube will be great for traveling (and whatever is left over will be used for that), the jar is far more economical for home use. This is a very nice preshave. Smells a lot like the old Noxema formulation. I find that if you wet your beard, then apply a thin coating of Prep before lathering with shave cream, you get a very nice shave with no irritation. I use Prep with TOBS shave cream.
So much like original Noxzema!
Prep Cream, jar.I can't use the updated 2015 version of Noxzema, it burns my face. I had read some things online of people talking about this cream, so much like the original Noxzema!!! But better somehow, creamier and more moisturizing. Hooked for life and I no longer get angry when I walk by the new Noxzema jars in the store!
PREP - All Purpose Cream
Prep Cream, jar.Great product - best first aid cream ever.
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