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In a place like Fryburg, Ohio, folks need leather goods - and once they've got them, they need to take good care of them. That was the way Harry Weaver saw it, anyway. He was running the Fryburg Shoe Shop back in the 1970s when he started making supplies for tack shops in the area. From there, it wasn't such a big leap to marketing a whole line of leather items, and then the oils, cleaners and conditioners to keep them looking great. Sheps Neatsfoot Oil is a highly sought-after Weaver Leather product that's formulated especially for items that need to stand up to hard use. It penetrates evenly to soften and condition everything from your old ball glove to your toughest work boots. And unlike some competitors, Sheps is 100% pure, not watered down with inferior lubricants, so you can be sure the job gets done right.