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Stirling Soap Company Aftershave

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Stirling Soap Company Aftershave Reviews
Great afterhsave but a very synthetic scent
Stirling Soap Company Aftershave Splash, Ozark Mountain This is a great aftershave and the scent has wonderful staying power. It feels great and works well. Stirling has a reputation for great products and it's true with Ozark Mountain. My only gripe is that the pine scent is heavily synthetic smelling and not exceptionally woodsy or natural. It smells like pine but the type of pine scent you get from a candle or those wax fragrance tablets people's mothers use on those electric melting deals. It's not the deep breathe in the middle of an evergreen forest pine smell I'd have hoped for. All in all though it's still awesome and the smell isn't horrible if you don't mind smelling like a suburban house wive's living room during the holiday season.
Mountain Man
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Mountain Man I like this product, It preforms like advertised. For the past few years when I shave I break out from razor burn, Even with a new sharp blade. Using this product after shaving keeps my skin from further irritation. The value is also good. You get a good amount for the moneys spent. I did not give this product 5 stars as that is hard for me to give any products 5 star as I have no basis for comparison. This is the first product like this I have tried.
Mountain man- aftershave balm.
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Mountain Man Love!, all the Stirling products! Bought this for the ingredients: especially the aloe, but the scent is great too! Stirling, has to be the best, of the, so called artisan cos! When you factor in price
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Barbershop Stirling, barbershop scent post shave balm is amazing! Everything I want in a balm! The soap and this balm are my favorite by far of all the " barbershop scented products! I'm a customer for life!
Nice scent, but very light
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Sharp Dressed Man I really like the smell of this stuff, but it could stand to be a bit stronger. The balm fells really good going on. I think I will like it even more as we get into winter. At this price, it's a steal.
Sterling Soap Co: Barbershop Aftershave
Stirling Soap Company Aftershave Splash, Barbershop This splash is very good, for a classic smell. I also bought the shave soap, good pair!
Nice, Light Scent
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Executive Man This more like a cream than a liquid after-shave balm. That said, a drop is all that's needed to cover your face so it's a great value. It has that great Executive Man scent, but it's very light and does not linger. It feels very protective as well. I am looking forward to using this in the winter months.
Smells great, good value
Stirling Soap Company Post-Shave Balm, Barbershop Smells like a classic barber shop scent. Its soothing, and you also get a decent sized bottle for the price. So far I like it
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