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Taconic Shave

Taconic bills itself as a "premier line of natural men's shaving soaps, creams and aftershave products". And you can see why. The specially formulated grooming products are artisan made in the Hudson Valley of New York. They are made in small batches to ensure the consistently high quality that their customers expect. This vegan line of essentials is all natural and dabbles in ingredients like hemp seed oil and bentonite clay as well has the well-known performers like coconut, safflower, and castor oils. Along with shaving soaps and creams, they offer aftershave splashes, balms, toning mist, beard & moustache care. Try it and you, too, might fall in love with an organic shave from Taconic.

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Taconic Shave Reviews
I like this stuff!
Taconic Mustache Wax I'm only a little over a month into growing a handlebar - the hair sweeps out to the sides very nicely, but I still have a lot of stubborn hairs that reach down to my lower lip. This is the second wax I've tried and here's my two bits.

You get a generous supply for the price you pay. The tin is easy to use and the wax warms up nicely on your fingertips. The smell is mild and pleasant - I don't like strong cosmetic smells. The hold is not rock-solid - more persuasion than coersion - but it absorbs into the hair nicely and does not feel gluey or sticky.

I give it four stars, because of the hold, and because I'm still wondering what else might be out there, but I like this stuff. It was a step up from Clubman in my opinion.
WestCoast Shaving My Go To for Shaving Supplies
Taconic Beard Oil WestCoast Shaving is a great value and a one stop shop for all of my shaving supplies. Great selection and quality, fast and prompt order placement and shipping. I have bought Chiseled Face Ghost Town After Shave and Shaving Soap. . General Store Whiskey After Shave and Shave Soap as well as razor blades, razors such as Parker 96R and Edwin Jagger.

Continued Success in keeping all the WetShavers Happy!
Great value
Taconic Organic Pre-Shave Oil, Unscented This oil works great and is comparatively inexpensive. I use about three pumps before my first lather and it keeps my skin slick for three passes. After my shave, the oil washes off well and does not leave a film or greasy feel on my skin. I'm definitely buying again.
Lime shaving cream is good
Taconic Shave Cream, Tequila Lime Shaving cream arrived 3 days after ordering-Great service. When I opened the container I found the tamper seal was torn and the contents seemed separated. Maybe the heat caused the oil to separate from the cream. I stirred the cream for a few minutes and it regained it's texture. The other cream I ordered had no tamper seal and had brush marks and bristles in it. Used shaving cream is not only bad business, but can be dangerous. Stay away from Goodfellas shaving cream. West Coast should know better than to ship returned goods.
Excellent product!
Taconic Beard Oil Excellent beard oil!
Soft whiskers
Taconic Beard Oil Upon growing my short-cropped goatee longer recently, I found that the whiskers were rather coarse & unruly. This Beard Oil tames the longer beard.
Its great product little small
Taconic Organic Pre-Shave Oil, Unscented "Its great product little small but it's good,
pleasantly surprised
Taconic Shave Soap, Lime "I was not expecting much when I got this soap. I had gotten it just because the good looking list of ingredients made me figure I'd just take a shot. When I received it, very surprised by the refreshing scent out of the container.

This soap provided a nice comfortable lather with a great lingering scent that led to a great shave. My skin also felt great and smelled great after shaving to the point where I considered no aftershave. This soap is great and pretty solid so it'll probably last around average time.

Only complaints are the tin. I hate soaps in tins because I don't want to have to use two containers just to build a lather but it's too small for a clean build up.

It also took more time than most soaps I've used to build up lather, but this is fine since the product was worth it.

A great performer at a great price. highly recommended.
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