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Badrick's Skincare Inc.

Matthew Dank and Seth Lombardi are co-founders of Badrick's Skincare. As bearded gentlemen, they know how to scratch your itch. Or more to the point, how to prevent the itch in the first place. Badrick's was born during that in-between stage in a beard grower's life - more than stubble, less than a respectable beard. At this point, too many men were giving up and succumbing to premature shaving. Badrick's sought to keep them in the game. They wanted to create natural products that would promote and support the "timeless man". From their revolutionary Da Balm that banishes the pain and discomfort of shaving to the Mud Scrub that exfoliates and nourishes the bearded face, and more, Badrick's is dedicated to helping you put your best, bearded face forward. So, if you've come to the realization that your face is going through life "unnaturally naked", let Badrick's support your facial hair goals.

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