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Captain's Choice Shaving Soap

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Captain's Choice Shaving Soap Reviews
Face cream
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, 45th Parallel Whether it's a soap or cream..this stuff from captains choice feels like butter on my skin. And smelly of wonderful red cherries. There is a subtle undertone almost vanilla-like...either way this product line perfect..such that intact I wish I had more already and haven't even ran out.
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Lime This was a gift for my son but he mentioned he really liked the soap. Said he would definitely purchase again
Love it
Catie's Bubbles Shaving Soap, Connecticut Shade Great soap will definitely buy again
Nice Addition
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Sandalwood Found this soap was a tad slow to lather up the first couple of shaves. Then on the 3rd shave it seemed to lather uo real well using an old boar brush that was at one time made availabke to members of the Badger and the Blade.Razor used was a futur clone. Scent is awesome and lasts a pretty good amount of time.The glide was smooth and left me with an awesome bbs shave on 3 passes.Add moisture to this soap slowly.When I bought the soap I also bought the aftershave in the same awesome scent
Captain's Choice North
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North "Love all of the Captain's Choice products. Great value and luxurious lather.
Unique and great smell
Catie's Bubbles Shaving Soap, Connecticut Shade "I went to West Coast Shaving today to smell several soaps. One was Catie's Bubbles "Le Piment da la Vie", and it smelled great! However the sales rep opened "Connecticut Shade" and I became interested. We talked and then I smelled it again and I knew I had a new "favorite" soap. This smells like nothing else. I have smelled severe a hundred cologne's and many cremes and Soaps but this is truly unique. I though nothing would topple B&M Seville off the top of my rotation but this one did.

Of course it is a Catie's Bubbles product so it lathers well and shaves great.
Exactly What You Would Expect
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, 45th Parallel "First of all, the scent is AMAZING, it reminds me of black cherry yogurt. As a newer wet shaver, who doesn't even have a year of wet shaving under his belt, this soap is definitely up to my standards. It has a great scent, lather, slickness, and keeps your skin hydrated after the shave. There really isn't much I have to argue against this, even though I'm relatively inexperienced, I know that my shaving experience was completely satisfying with this product. I've had a fair share of shaving soaps, since I usually order the sample packs and this was absolutely in my top 3 choices. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves a fruity scent and wants a shaving soap that performs great.
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Bay Rum This stuff is great! Thick, rich lather! Strongly recommend.
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