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Captain's Choice Shaving Soap

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Captain's Choice Shaving Soap Reviews
Captain's Choice North
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North "Love all of the Captain's Choice products. Great value and luxurious lather.
Unique and great smell
Catie's Bubbles Shaving Soap, Connecticut Shade "I went to West Coast Shaving today to smell several soaps. One was Catie's Bubbles "Le Piment da la Vie", and it smelled great! However the sales rep opened "Connecticut Shade" and I became interested. We talked and then I smelled it again and I knew I had a new "favorite" soap. This smells like nothing else. I have smelled severe a hundred cologne's and many cremes and Soaps but this is truly unique. I though nothing would topple B&M Seville off the top of my rotation but this one did.

Of course it is a Catie's Bubbles product so it lathers well and shaves great.
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Bay Rum This stuff is great! Thick, rich lather! Strongly recommend.
A great product. Great smell,
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Lime.A great product. Great smell, feel and texture for a great price.
Another great product by the Captain
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Sandalwood.I purchased the Captains Choice Sandalwood shaving cream and aftershave. The lather produced is awesome is very thick, cushioning, slick, and provides a great skin feel during the shave. I have not nicked myself at all and my face feels good during the shave. The scent is more of a woodsy scent. Think dried wood that was soaked in a sandalwood scent. It's a bare bones scent of sandalwood rather than a cologne scent. The after shave feels great, it provides a mild sting after you apply it but the face feel you get is really good. I like the aftershave with any sandalwood soap that I have. The scent is exactly the same as the soap. This scent is a discrete scent that will last for a few hours. The protection for the face lasts all day.
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Lime.It makes the blade slide smoothly, smells great, I just didn't realize it wasn't a hard bar of soap. I am concerned that it won't last as long as a bar will, but it seems to work better than the bar I had so far!
Wonderful soap!
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Lime.I thoroughly enjoy the scent and shaveability of this soap. I find I get good thick lather, with a good soothing feel.
Amazing smell!
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, Lime.Smell is great! Easy to lather, slick, shaves great. And I'm a novice only wet shaving for one year.
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