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Charcoal Goods Safety Razors

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Charcoal Goods Safety Razors Reviews
Wow, simply amazing
Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Machined Head & Twin Helix Handle, Antique Brass "The workmanship on this razor is up there with Above the Tie, Pils, Timeless and yes, Wolfman. The Level 1 brass head is a work of art, and is super smooth. With an Astra SP, it is a touch more aggressive than an EJ 89. Value is subjective for a work of art, the combination of solid brass construction, functional ascetics and uniqueness in the space make this an unparalleled DE razor.
Beautiful razor
Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Bishop Handle, Antique Brass "Impressed by its good looks. Even better when I received it - a beautiful handle, well crafted; Mr. Twilley knows what he's doing. Razor is nicely balanced. Its weight allows you to guide it over your face with no extra effort. The head is described as slightly more aggressive than a Jagger DE89 but I found it to be smoother and more efficient in its cut than my EJ 89 (and some of my others). Head is engraved with Charcoal on the top, a finishing touch. If you want to splurge a little on yourself, get this razor. It will look impressive in your collection and provide an excellent shave.
Solid American craftsmanship
Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Hammered Handle, Stainless "Great razor, well balanced. Brian does an amazing job on these handles, Hammered-style is my absolute favorite as you always have a sure grip even if you have a little pre- shave oil and shaving cream on your hand.
Charcoal SS Handle
Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Hammered Handle, Stainless "Beautiful work excellent grip.and well balanced. Love it.
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