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Closed Comb Razors

Closed Comb (aka Straight Bar or Safety Bar) DE safety razors have a plate that sits between the razor and your skin.

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Closed Comb Razors Reviews
My first DE razor
WCS Natural Collection Razor 37W, Rosewood Closed Comb The razor has a great fit and feel, I definitely like the wood handle. The razor is simple to use, just make sure the blade is straight. The closed comb is perfect for my beard type, medium thick.
Photo does not do it justice
WCS Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel Closed Comb Perfectly weighted razor that gives a great shave!
Super Razor
El Capitan CNC Safety Razor I have had an El Capitan in a month and used it almost every day. I had a Charcoal from Brian Twilley I have had for some time. must say, it is a wonderful razor, great desing, works great..
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 77B, Black Stainless Steel, Closed Comb This razor is a no brainer. The weight is nice, the durability and ability to clean it is phenomenal at a price that is hard to beat.
Impressive Shaving
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor I have found the Merkur 34C to be an excellent razor. I have pretty big hands yet I find that this razor handles well and is quite balanced. Razors work like a steering wheel on a car, you need to have just enough grip without strangling it. Let this razor do the work and don't use heavy pressure. You will need to find the proper blade that works with your beard.
First 3-piece Razor
WCS Classic Collection Razor 110S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I've had this razor for close to year. I wanted a heavy razor, but I wasn't sure a "stubby" handle would work out for me(big hands). Well, this razor convinced me after the first shave. I have one of those beards that look like a five o'clock by about noon, but the weight of the handle helps when I'm shaving. When I started traditional shaving, I bought a cheap butterfly razor. The razor looked pretty, but it only survived a couple of months. This,on the other hand, has that cool industrial look and works great!
WCS Classic Collection Razor 88S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I have never had a closer shave. I still need to try different blades, but this open comb razor has become my favorite.
Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor Love this razor! I made the switch to reduce my contribution of plastic waste to our landfills, but the razor itself is much nicer to hold, gives a close shave, and is classy to boot!
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