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12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 3: 30-50% Off All WCS Basic Safety Razors

Merkur Futur Safety Razor Polished Chrome

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  • Adjustable safety razor
  • Chrome-plated, smooth finish
  • Merkur quality

Over 100 years ago, Emil Hermes started a little cutlery company in Solingen, Germany called Merkur or Mercury (this Roman winged messenger of the gods is also known by his Greek name, Hermes). Surely Emil coudn't have imagined a future in which his brand reached around the globe to bring loyal patrons exceptional products. But the future is here with Merkur Futur Safety Razor Polished Chrome.

Merkur has been fashioning this adjustable safety razor since the 1980's to give the wet shaver options in his razor. Once you've found your favorite blade (may we suggest a sample pack if you are still unsure?), then you have even more choice with this grooming essential as it allows you to dial in the perfect shave. A twist to the handle changes the gap between the blade and the bar giving you a more or less aggressive shave as your need demands.

This gem is chrome plated, with a polished finish: a simple, smooth, minimalist look.

Length: 4.4 inches

Weight: 126 grams

Made in Solingen, Germany

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Stephen C.
  • Value for Money

No Futur Blues!

This razor is awesome! I'm African American and my shaves have been flawless! You've gotta time your time with this beauty! I switch between a Muhle R89 Grande and the Merkur Futur. Thanks WCS for getting the Futur to me within 2 days! Also paired these razors with Proraso Shea Butter & Sandlewood "croap." Can't lose!

Todd M.
  • Value for Money

Aggressive and clunky

I find the Future to be a very aggressive razor and takes some time for the face to adapt to if you are used to a less agressive head. The large head makes it difficult for under the nose area and the weight is surprisingly heavy and can feel awkward when trying to do a quick shave.

Herbert H.
  • Value for Money

Merkur Futur - Buyer's Remorse

I wanted this razor because my beard has the consistency of copper wire. I thought that the ability to adjust the blade to a more aggressive angle would allow me to get a closer shave in fewer passes than my Merkur 180 does. It actually does this pretty well, for the most part. Unfortunately the blade head is so large that I have found it impossible to closely shave my upper lip directly under my nose without gashing myself. Bear in mind that I have been using mild Derby blades, have been trying to shave this area with the blade on the least aggressive #1 (ish, more on that later) setting, and that I have about 3 years of experience using a DE safety razor, and have been shaving for about 33 years altogether. The calibration is also off, right out of the box, running from something like .5 to 5.5 rather than the 1-6 actually marked on the shaft. This is a minor issue but reported problems of this sort are the reason I avoided the Merkur Progress with a somewhat smaller blade head. Finally the smooth handle looks very nice (I bought the chrome finish), but it can be quite slippery, to the point of making it difficult to safely turn the handle to adjust the blade angle. Knurling such as the Merkur 180 and other models have might be a good addition. So currently I am using the Futur for the large areas of my face, and touching up the tight spots with my 180. All in all I wish I had saved the $68 and continued making a few extra passes with my old safety razor.

Ron S.
  • Value for Money

Slippery in the shower

I have had this razor for five years now, and have finally decided to move on. It is the only safety razor I have owned. I chose this model of safety razor because it looks so good, and complemented my newly renovated bathroom's decor. I use Nivea Shaving Cream in the squeeze tube, and shave in the shower. The razor becomes so slippery that I drop it if I don't concentrate. The top comes off on impact, and I need to fumble the handle, top and blade together with slippery fingers. The snap-on top requires that you carefully position the blade before reassembly, and that you take care not to bump it when snapping the top on. The shave quality itself is good. I use Dorco blades. I am going to switch to something with a longer, knurled handle - Merkur 23C, 24C or WCS 78S top my list.

Zeida B.
  • Value for Money

Best Shave Ever

Takes a bit longer to prepare face, but only need to go over face once for a smooth shave.