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Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor

17 reviews
The Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor is a chrome finished 2-piece double edge razor. The Progress allows you adjust the angle of the blade by simply twisting the base of the handle. This razor uses double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. Replacement blades are available.

Made in Germany

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4.5 Based on 17 Reviews
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United States United States
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Alignment suggestion

Excellent razor. I have been using this adjustable DE razor for a few years and I have never had either razor burn or ingrowns. It's not cheap but you can adjust the blade angle from mild (#1) to aggressive (#5) to get the best angle for your face. Note: when you re-assemble the razor after cleaning you have to align the side with the small notch on the top piece with the triangle on the base so the adjustment knob works.

West Coast Shaving Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor ReviewWest Coast Shaving Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor Review
United States United States
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This is a fantastic adjustable razor! There is zero blade feel and the razor is very efficient and comfortable throughout the settings. I now understand the hype, it’s well deserved!

West Coast Shaving Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor Review
Gary R.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor.

This is a quality well built razor. I have the one I bought set at about 1-1/2. Gives a nice shave with little irritation.

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Good shave could have a few more options for the price

I have used the razor for six or seven shaves so I could give it an honest review. I have been using a fat boy for about 3 years and a slim for 2 to three years before that. Thanks for the customer service at West coast shaving I settled on the short handle since it is very similar in length to the fat boy. The first time I tried the progress I thought I made a mistake but after stick with it I am liking it more and more, so stick with it. The angle that you hold the head to your face is different than what I am used to but I am learning each razor has a slightly different angle. I can now get an bbs shave with very few weepers with three passes took me about six or seven times but I am only getting better each time. I mostly use medical prep blades and feathers once in awhile. I really like that it is adjustable I start out on a one and have the move up to a two and half. It is more aggressive then my fat boy I start on seven with it and turn it up nine. Another good thing about progress is like the fat boy I can change the gap with the turn knob which is a plus. Has a good weight to it. Balance is also pretty decent maybe center point balancing on my finger is about one half to three quarters on an inch from the head. Blade loads pretty easy. There is a few things I think could have been added to the razor for the price. First my biggest problem is blade alignment when you drop the blade into the head of the razor it basically has three prongs that align the blade. The problem with this is the blade has a slight amount of play. The first time I used the razor I inspected the blade and noticed the blade had a very slight off set almost like the blade on one side had on off set and the side was opposite off set. The first time I used it had to loosen and realign. I think they could have put something like a raised bar between the prongs on the head and indentation on the razor to help align the blade and yes I am aligning the notch on the head to the triangle. I also think that the could have used some curling on the handle. The handle does get a little slick. So far it has not slipped in my hand but would be a nice option. When I hold it in my hand I rest my ring finger on adjustment knob where it goes from smaller to bigger and my pinky on the end of knob. So far I am happy with my purchase I think it could be a little better for the price and have a few upgrades but all in all it's a good razor. The is a slight learning curve as is with most razors, and it is aggressive but not crazy aggressive which I like.

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The blade height is different on one side compared to the other at any given setting. It is a very small difference, but noticeable on my face especially at the lowest setting. This does not put me off. I use it to my advantage, using the shorter height for the first pass and the more aggressive for the second. In short I love this razor. It is my favorite to date!