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    Whether you are looking for a Macauly Culkin burn or a zen-like soothe, it's great to condition and moisturize your skin after you shave. Splash on one of our aftershaves to leave your face feeling cool, smooth, and refreshed. Shop our Top 10 and Newest after shaves or browse our wide selection.

      Aftershave Education

      So, you've got the BBS shave you wanted with your cream, brush, and razor, but that skin needs some pampering after scrapping a steel blade over it. We've got you covered -- from traditional alcohol splashes to soothing balms -- you can treat your skin to moisturizing ingredients. And if the scent from your cream isn't enough, discover a signature scent all your own with one of our top of the line colognes and eau de toilettes. And since all your grooming efforts go to waste with a piece of TP stuck to your chin, we also carry wonderful nick relief products to stop the little cuts that impact even the most seasoned shaver.

      What does an aftershave do?

      An aftershave, whether it is a splash or a balm, is designed to help close up and tighten your pores, has antiseptic properties for any minor nicks, and will help sooth and moisturize your skin after shaving.

      Balm vs. Splash

      An aftershave splash is liquid with an alcohol base and stronger scent to it. Many like the initial burn it provides which is followed by a cooling effect. There are also alcohol-free splashes. An aftershave balm typically has a thin lotion consistency that is alcohol free, lighter scented and more moisturizing.

      What's best for my Skin?
      If you have oily skin, a splash will help. Dry or sensitive skin, it is best to stay away from alcohol based products and a balm is definitely more suited for you. Normal skin can use both interchangeably