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West Coast Shaving Infinity Brush, Molten Fury

Sold out
  • Traditional Shaving Brush
  • Loaded with black synthetic
  • Molten Fury handle

West Coast Shaving is all about bringing you products to make your classic wet shave the best it can be. From classic brands to up-and-coming artisans to our own creations, we have the products to help you love your shave. Check out our newest line of shaving brushes: Infinity Brushes. We've persuaded a phenomenal artisan out of retirement to produce these brushes and we couldn't be more delighted. 

This brush is loaded with a black synthetic hair that is taking the shaving world by storm. It truly mimics a natural hair brush for lather production and face feel. And you are sure to love the quick-drying maintenance involved as well. The knot is set deep in the handle (with no glue bump) to...
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