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    Anchor's Hair Company

    U.S. Army Veteran Benjamin David is the artisan behind Anchors Hair Company. With a desire for a quality product made in small batches and without parabens and other harsh chemicals, Benjamin began that quest for the perfect hair pomade. Today they offer "the freshest product on the market" with a passion for a natural product that makes hair healthier. Even their scents are 90% essential oil (and the fragrance oils they do use are dye/alcohol free). This is also a company that gives back. Benjamin grew up in a low income family and moved a lot. That gave him a unique perspective on life and a vow to help others in need find contentment. Anchors is one way that he does that - a great handmade product at an affordable price. They also donate "to promote cleanliness and inspiration to people in less fortunate positions". Like an anchor provides security and hope, so too does Anchors Hair Company help those in need. When you are looking for a natural, water-based or oil-based, high quality styling aid, look to Anchors!