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Buy One Aftershave Get One Aftershave 25% Off! Use Code BOGO25
Buy One Aftershave Get One Aftershave 25% Off! Use Code BOGO25


If you've ever been to the barbershop, we bet you are familiar with a jar of blue liquid. Barbicide was was created in 1947 by a science teacher for disinfecting purposes. But, it has become well known and revolutionized barbershops in America. Now it is commonplace in shops and salons for keeping tools sanitized. The solution can be diluted in a lovely glass jar for a nostalgic and practical feel. There is something about that blue color that tells us it's getting clean! It can be used for cleaning anything really, but typically used for cleaning combs, brushes and scissors. As a fun fact, it has even been an item of honor in the Smithsonian. For us here at West Coast shaving, we are happy to offer this product certainly for our barber customers, but also for the everyday customer. If you buy vintage or used razors this is a must have! See manufacturer's documentation for usage and warnings.

  • Barbicide Wipes 160ct-OP-BBC-11364-West Coast Shaving

    Barbicide Wipes 160ct

    Make quick work of cleaning your barbershop or salon station and wiping down tools. Barbicide Wipes come in a large container that holds 160 pre-sa...

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  • Barbicide Jar - Midsize-OP-BBC-52410-West Coast Shaving
    from $20.99

    Barbicide Jar

    7 Reviews

    Keeping your tools clean and disinfected is of utmost importance in your barbershop or salon, which is why you should only trust Barbicide, the lea...

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  • Barbicide Disinfectant
    from $5.99

    Barbicide Disinfectant

    3 reviews

    Since 1947, Barbicide has been known the world over as the ultimate product for hospital-grade disinfection. The iconic blue liquid concentrate is ...

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