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Day 6: 35% Off WCS Straight Razors
Day 6: 35% Off WCS Straight Razors


Baudelaire is a company that values the experts in our industry and brings together wonderful bath accoutrements. We love that our customers have come to appreciate these little accessories in the shower! They seem to just make the experience of bathing a little better than using your hands or an old wash cloth. We like these products from Baudelaire for a few reasons. The sponges are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico by a harvester out of Florida. Sea sponges are a natural and renewable source. As a company they are committed to other similar types of materials, such as hemp for wash mitts that are creating job for women in remote villages of Transylvania. Not unlike what they support with the hemp products, they are also supporting local women in Columbia who gather to knit, and crochet bath accessories from horse or other organic fibers. It is awesome to find businesses who look beyond themselves to needs in communities all around the world. In addition, the attention to natural and renewable sources is something we value.

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