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20% Off Beaudelaire Collection By Barrister And Mann!
20% Off Beaudelaire Collection By Barrister And Mann!


Have you heard about the Urban Beardsmen? Beardbrand is very serious about your whiskers and they should be. They have a simple and natural ingredient list. Beards can be amazing, really amazing...and the options when styling such things are endless. Some men just can't get enough of this and they are not out in the forest chopping down trees, but they are on the subways, in the corporate world, driving trucks, mixing your drinks at the bar, etc. You name it! Beard care is as important as the beards themselves and should not be neglected. Having a facial hair does not mean you are too lazy to shave or sloppy. But, proper care should be taken, and this is the company to do that for you. The oils leave those whisker soft and give it great shine. The waxes are the perfect tool for creating that hold that you just might need--and by the way, thank the bees for that!

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