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    Big Red Beard Combs

    Like so many craftsmen and artisans in this men's grooming world, Rick at Big Red Beard Combs was motivated by necessity. And as they say "necessity is the mother of invention". When he began growing out his beard, he discovered the need for a better beard comb. The standard plastic comb just wasn't cutting it; it lacked warmth and produced annoying static. As a furniture maker, Rick turned to his medium of choice and began to design a grooming utensil made of wood. Trial and error resulted in a laminate technology that allows for strength, durability, and flexibility. Each one is a gorgeous work of art! Designed small to be carried with you on the go. Strong, beautifully crafted, flexible and -- no static! Choose of a number of styles and wood grains. You will be the envy of all your beard-growing friends when you whip this out of your pocket.