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    Black & White

    James Dean. Elvis. Johnny Depp. Linda Evangelista. What do they have in common? Besides possibly being among the top 10 names that come to mind when you think of icons of effortless cool, they're just a few of the style mavens that have sworn by Black and White Wax. From the pin curls of the 40s to the punk-inspired Mohawk of the 80s, Black and White has been at the root of every decade's definitive hairstyle. The classic formula hasn't changed, and neither has its superior hold and conditioning. Only one variation on the theme has emerged in nearly a century of hair-care supremacy: Pluko Lite, a less weighty version suitable for finer hair, allows everybody to get a piece of the pomade action. Just a little Black and White wax holds your chosen coiffure in place all day, proving that there's no messing with success.