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    Blue Lizard

    You may think you're sun-smart, but in the world of staying safe from UV rays-and looking astonishingly cool while doing it-nobody beats the Aussies. Australian-born, American-made Blue Lizard sunscreens are the best in the business at providing broad-spectrum protection that far surpasses any other formulation you'll find in the U.S. That's because Australian sun protection standards are far stricter; tighter regulations for safe skin care mean more freedom to hang loose. With sensitive, chemical-free products suitable even for cancer survivors, Blue Lizard is changing the game in blocking rays. Their sunscreens are all mineral-based, three times more water-resistant than others on the market, and entirely paraben-free. Oh, and as for looking cool? Their patented SmartBottles actually change color to reflect the level of UV danger. Can your sunscreen bottle do that?