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Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

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  • Exceptional shaving brush from Semogue
  • Pure boar bristles for excellent exfoliation
  • Two-toned painted wood handle in green and cream

This little family-owned business in Portugal has made quite a splash in the wet-shaving world. Semogue is gaining a reputation for handcrafting "the finest shaving brushes in the world." See if you agree. They have an extensive line of options for the discerning wet shaver. Try the Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush.

This brush is loaded with Semogue's banded pure boar bristles. Boar is known for its stiffness - great for those seeking exfoliation and the "scritchy" feeling on your face. It is also an effective latherer, whipping up mounds of white froth. It is great on creams or soaps. This brush will soften over time to give you softer bristles - rather like wearing in a nice pair of leather shoes.

The handle brings back memories of decades past with its two-toned painted wood handle: green and cream. It also boasts the Semogue logo and Excelsior Cerda Pura. Check out this economical and effective shaving brush option from Semogue.

  • Handle: Painted wood
  • Total Height: 110mm
  • Loft: 55mm
  • Knot Diameter: 22mm
  • Hair: Boar Bristle

Made in Portugal

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Shannon S.
  • Value for Money

Great Boar Brush

This is my first boar hair brush, I was looking for a brush that would add to my other brushes. I feel all brushes have an intended purpose. The boar hair is great for hard soaps. This brush has not disappointed either. It has great back bone to it which allows it to tear into a hard soap, it also gives a good scritch to the face which I like. You can't go wrong with this one in your collection. Give it a good month of shaves and it will be your go to brush.

Augustin J.
  • Value for Money

Excellent value IMO....

I've only had this brush for less than a week, but I've had 3 shaves so far with this brush and only 2 hairs lost so far. Gets you a great lather with either hard soaps or creams. Has a great feel on your face, as I prefer a more scritchiness feeling with my brushes. I have been an exclusive user of Boar bristle brushes having tried badger and synthetic and I just keep reaching for my boars instead. Smell was hardly noticeable and I believe within 2-3 weeks it will be gone and nicely broken in. Another plus is that the bristles are a little longer and stiffer, good backbone for when you really work into your hard soap or have a deep shave bowl or mug. If your a Boar fan, this is a definite good buy for your hard earned $$$$.

Joseph P.
  • Value for Money

Wonderful Brush!

After a month of DE shaving, I decided the time was to upgrade to a brush. I bought a Van Der Hagen one, and threw it out after the first use. Then I had heard about Semogue brushes from a youtube channel so decided to give this one a try. 3 months later, and several more shaving brush purchases, and this is still the favorite and my daily go to. The handle is the perfect size for my big hands and the colors on the handle are nice. More importantly, with my Sterling soap or Luck Tiger cream I can whip up enough lather in less than a minute to do a 3 pass shave. And even though now it is nice soft and broken in, it still hasn't decreased its performance in the lather making category. I can also count on one hand all the hairs it has lost (and none of them have happened recently) in the 3 months I have been using it. Not bad for less than 20 bucks! Especially considering it was only a dollar more than the ****** Van Der Hagen badger brush.

Bo W.
  • Value for Money


I have quite a few expensive silvertip badger hair brushes decided to bu this one just for kicks and after the break in period I find myself using it all the time I kinda want to kick my own behiind for spending so much on so many diffrent silvertip brushes.

Bryan H.
  • Value for Money

Best boar brush on the market

For the price this is absolutely positively one of the best over all brushes on the market. In approximately thirty shaves I have only lost one hair.