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    In the year 2000, the rare bucardo (a Spanish ibex) officially became extinct. Yet today, it's possible to see a live bucardo roaming the Pyrenees. How? Because the animals were brought back from extinction through genetic cloning. We bring up this ibex thing not only because it's cool (yay, science!), but because it inspired a company that's pretty rare in its own right. The masterminds behind Bucardo are devoted to bringing back some now-extinct products that were once all the rage among fashionable gentlemen. Their flagship mustache mug is a perfect example of the Bucardo sensibility: Take a fanciful-but-practical Victorian invention, refresh it with a mod-vintage artistic design, and reintroduce it to society with a perspective that's squarely focused on the future. While they're bringing back the mug that saved a thousand 'staches, they're also bringing back some sorely needed old-fashioned values. 10% of their sales go to help others, while their packaging and shipping needs are handled by an organization that employs adults with developmental disabilities. So go ahead and drink the Bucardo Kool-Aid, secure in the knowledge that every sip improves the world...and keeps your mustache impeccably groomed.