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20% Off All WCS Branded Products!
20% Off All WCS Branded Products!

Bump Fighter

Bump Fighter is the only razor that was specifically designed for the the unique shaving needs of African-American men. They often struggle with irritation and are more prone to in-grown hair challenges. This brand is particularly well-known for their patented Bump-Guard technology. The razors have ridges on the blade surface giving just a bit of distance to the face. So while you are not getting as quite as close of a shave, you don't cut the tips of the hair below the skin, which is the cause of in-growns. Some find this is a short term solution to allow healing and then return to a more traditional safety razor, while others find this is the best solution long term for them. We do our best to try to carry products to meet the needs of all types of shaving problems.

  • Bump Fighter Men's Handle w/2 Cart-West Coast Shaving
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    Bump Fighter Men's Handle w/2 Cart

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    Specially designed razor Great for those with sensitive skin Razor and 2 cartridges included Bump Fighter makes razors with African-American men ...

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