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    What does a professional surfer know about hair care? Surprisingly, quite a bit. It makes sense, if you think about it: After all, both a good surf session and a good hairstyle require daring, commitment, great technique, and just the right amount of finesse. Of course, the hairstyle is a lot easier to pull off if you've got a product that's easy to use and keeps its hold without a lot of fuss. Enter Byrd, the company that's staging a throwback to the days when grooming wasn't optional, and a slick hairdo set the men apart from the boys. Whether you're a slick-and-go kind of guy or a carefully coiffed creative type, Byrd's putting sleek, long-lasting, totally washable styles literally at your fingertips. These classic pomades and body bars are so cool and dependable, Byrd's sure to become your new wingman. (See what we did there?)