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    Castle Forbes

    As one of the owners of West Coast, I have to say, Castle Forbes is the fine wine of shaving products. This brand was born at beautiful Castle Forbes Estate that rests on 6,000 acres in Scotland. Today, it is the home of Malcolm, the 23rd Lord Forbes and his wife Jenny or rather Lady Forbes. Malcolm is currently the clan chief, the Premiere Lord of Scotland. Back in 1996, there was an old dairy building in the back that became a perfumery where the Lady began her quest for beautiful scents. Using only the finest essential oils and further exploring fragrance creations with expert and family-friend, Andrew French, this line developed and expanded to include the shaving products so many of us have come to love. They have a full range of pre-shave (the best on the market in my opinion), shave creams, aftershave balms, and fine colognes, using only the finest natural oils available. This is what you should buy to really treat yourself to luxury.