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MLK Jr. 1 Day Only Sale Extended: 8% Off $50, 10% Off $75, 15% Off $100 +
MLK Jr. 1 Day Only Sale Extended: 8% Off $50, 10% Off $75, 15% Off $100 +

Chatillon Lux Aftershave Toner, Sni Mato

  • Classic aftershave toner
  • Natural nourishing ingredients with witch hazel
  • Scented with a unique aroma for prairie flowers, dew, and chocolate

Motivated by the frigid mid-West winter of 2014, Shawn Maher began creating a nourishing, protective post-shave salve that restored his wind-chapped skin. Inspired by the response of testers, he launched Chatillon Lux in Dec. 2015. His business boomed as he added on other post-shave products with wonderful performance and exceptional scents. 

This traditional, witch hazel-based aftershave splash has the healing elements of splash. Loaded with simple nourishing ingredients, this grooming requisite will scratch the itch of those who love the bracing feel of a classic splash. Contains chamomile extract, witch hazel, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin along with alcohol and menthol -- to leave you refreshed and soothed.

A love for his city of South Saint Louis, MO inspires Shawn to take his names and scents from the places and people that inhabited this corner of the heartland. Chatillon Lux is named for Henri Chatillon, a French fur trader and central figure on the Oregon Trail. He lived and loved with the Sioux people until the untimely death of his wife, Bear Robe. Upon returning to his hometown of St. Louis, he married Odile Delor Lux, daughter of the founder of Carondelet (South Saint Louis). The "most gallant a man . . . as ever shot buffalo", Chatillon is quintessential frontier man and inspiration for manly pursuits like wet shaving.

This special Valentine's Day scent is inspired by the lasting love that Henri Chatillon experienced for his first wife, Sni Mato (Bear Robe). It leads with notes of prairie flowers, lily and daffodil, native to her Dakotas. The intoxicating daffodil and distinctive lily join a note of "prairie dew" with elements of earthy petrichor. Then a base note of chocolate (back when chocolate was flavored with ambergris not milk) lends a powdery, vanilla note.

Size: 2oz.

Ingredients: Witch hazel, aloe vera, calendula extract, cat's claw bark extract, shea oil, marula oil, polysorbate 20, meadowfoam seed oil, glycerin, fragrance, sodium lactate