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BOGO 25% OFF Declaration Grooming Products. No Code Needed!

Omega 63162 Pure Badger Shaving Brush

9 reviews
SKU SB-OME-63162

You get a lot of brush for a low price with the Omega 63162. The handle is vintage style clear acrylic and knot is gray pure badger. Includes a stand to help maintain the brush condition.

Plastic black drip stand included.

Made in Italy

Height: 103 mm Loft: 52 mm Knot: 21 mm

Dimensions are approximate.

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Clark M.
  • Value for Money
Bargain not worth it

I wanted a bristle shaving brush and went for one of the cheapest natural bristle brushes. I love the design, Italian and old-fashioned looking. However, the bristles are stiff and feel like tiny needles poking my cheeks. Ouch. You get what you pay for. Lesson learned.

  • Value for Money
Decent brush, sheds ALOT

I have used this brush for over a year now. Lathers both Col. Konk and Edwin Jagger soaps well and has a nice soft feel to it. However, this brush sheds ALOT! For the first several months it was common to pick a dozen badger hairs off my face each time I shaved. I stored the brush in a hanging stand each time. Now after over a year I store the brush on the handle vertical after shaking all the water I can out. The shedding has slowed, but I still get 3-6 hairs to fall out with each shave. At this rate I don't know how long it will last. It's a $30 brush, if your a serious wet shave person, but a better quality brush.

Anna H.
Great Deal!

LOVE this brush!


Not as small as they say...lathers very quickly with my Cella...underpriced from where I sit...Lot of style and function at any price

peter k.
A pleasant surprise-listen to this guy who's been shaving nearly 50 years

Owning a Jagger Silvertip, a gift from my wife and daughter some years ago, I was fascinated with the reviews and positive comments about this brush. I am a long time-user of Omega boar brushes for the regular grind; so, when I placed an order for other stuff, I had them throw this in rather than take a back order on something else. Needless to say, the comments are all true-this has become my daily go-to. All natural brushes, boar or badger, have some early funk-this cleared up in about 5-6 uses. Holds its shape as well as the Jagger. Always make sure you dry thoroughly after using any brush-treat them like the tools they are.