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Cyril R Salter French Vetiver Luxury Shaving Cream

16 reviews

Luxury glycerine based shaving cream made with essentials oils. A very masculine fragrance. Lubricates and moisturises. Not tested on Animals.

Made in England

Size: 165g

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4.3 Based on 16 Reviews
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Ken H.
I recommend this product
  • Value for Money: Low ValueOK ValueGood ValueGreat ValueSuper Value
Cyril R. Salter's French Vetiver luxury shaving Creme is superb!

I just received a container of Cyril R. Salter's French Vetiver luxury shaving Creme. Now I happen to love vetiver. But I hesitated to order this particular shaving creme because many (here and elsewhere) complained about the scent! Well, I respectfully suggest that they must have never actually smelled vetiver...... if this scent bothers them! Because this is what vetiver actually smells like!. Their dismay bordering on displeasure is comparable to someone that smelled a pumpkin spice scent mixed with a lavender scent, and then complained when they actually smell lavender alone that they do not like its scent. All I can say is that this is one extraordinarily great performing shaving creme, that smells heavenly if you love the scent of vetiver...... as I do. This product out performs many better known shaving cremes that cost three to four times the price. I highly recommend that any and all wet shavers try it...... especially those that actually dig vetiver for what vetiver is. Perhaps it's not for those that only know vetiver as one of several scents in blends that minimize vetiver's strong unique scent profile. But for those like me that love vetiver you cannot find a better vetiver shave creme..... anywhere! And for those that do not appreciate vetiver's unique scent, Salter has many other scent profiles based upon the same outstanding glycerine shaving creme base. Try one of them ..... you will be glad you did!

John L.
Really Great Stuff!

This is a Great Shaving Cream, as are all Cyril R Salter shave creams, lathers up easily, lot's of lather and has the needed slickness. This French Vetiver, especially, has an amazing scent, that is very hard to find anywhere else. A jar of this, will always be, in my Shaving Den.

Les B.
  • Value for Money
Great performance, poor scent

After the best in class rating from Badger and Blade a few years back (for the Rose scent) I wanted to give this cream a try. I happen to love vetiver and decided to choose this version of the cream. I am quite disappointed with the scent. On opening the jar there is no scent, and after building a lather and applying it there was a mild smoky scent that was not at all appealing. The performance of the cream is excellent, however. I'll use up the jar, but I will not be purchasing another.

Nicholas F.
  • Value for Money
Great products and service.

Great products and service.

Marc C.
  • Value for Money
Smells good and good for you

Wow! So that's what vetiver smells like. I can see why they say you either love or hate this smell. I love it. In addition, it beats up into a really unctuous lather that both stands the beard up and makes your razor truly glide. A double protection for your skin, in case you want to use one of those more aggressive razors--and it will make you smell like the sort of man who does.