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    Da Vinci

    Da Vinci shaving brushes are made like a true artist would expect. Any artist can appreciate a well made brush and they have not cut any corners in achieving greatness. German made, these products are culled from the finest materials to create the perfect tool for working up that lather. You can experience the beautiful, quality, sliver-tip badger hair, and you will find both a density and softness that will work very well for shave soaps or creams. We've seen our share of brushes here at West Coast Shaving, but what particularly impressed us was not only the great quality hair, but the really unusual handles. The design gives it a contemporary feel and it would make a great addition to any collection. They seem to nestle up perfectly in the palm of your hand. The chrome accents on this brush give it good weight and make it feel sturdy and masculine. They dress all their hair in-house in Nuremberg at one of the world's only 100% green, eco-friendly brush factory.