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12 Days of Christmas | Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves
12 Days of Christmas | Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves

D.R. Harris Windsor Bath Soap

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SKU FB-DRH-21012
  • Luxurious, triple-milled bath soap from D.R. Harris
  • Scented with citrusy, peppery Windsor fragrance
  • Produces a moisturizing lather that won't dry out skin

D.R. Harris doesn't disappoint. With over 200 years of grooming history under their belts, they know quality products. Whether shaving soap or bathing soap, D.R. Harris creations are sure to please the most discerning client, from their scents to their lather.

The Windsor bath soap is part of a range of grooming essentials scented with a complex, masculine fragrance. If you are already using an aftershave splash or Eau de Toilette in with this aroma, you will want to round out your routine by adding this cleanser, as well. If you aren't familiar with Windsor, you will love citrus top notes which give a refreshing pick-me-up. Then mature into a warm, leathery scent with hints of pepper and earthy vertiver.

But you don't want a soap that just smells good, you want one that does the job of getting you clean. This triple-milled luxurious cleanser produces a great lather with plenty of moisturizing ingredients. It won't dry out your skin like other brands. Triple milled also means it has few impurities and a very smooth texture. This milling process creates a very compact product, so one bar can last you a really long time.

Size: 150g

Made in England