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10% Off All Safety Razors! Use Code RAZOR10

Geo. F. Trumper Hair and Body Wash, Havana

SKU FB-TRU-185252
  • Multipurpose for cleanser for hair & body, choose from 3 sizes
  • Scented with a heady aroma of leather
  • Also available in a matching cologne

Geo F Trumper just exudes British class and elegance. This company has survived two world wars, numerous royal crowns, and the tech revolution, but they are still serving their clientele with distinction.

This cleanser is a one-stop shop for your grooming needs. Top-to-tail you can lather up this hair & body wash for a complete clean.

It is scented with an aroma of the islands. Inspired by the hundreds of palm varieties that sway lazily in the Caribbean breezes, this scent has layers of pink pepper, grapefruit, white mariposa, cinnamon, a dash of paprika, and a hint of vetiver.

Size: 100nl, 200ml, 500ml