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    James M.
    • Value for Money

    Highly Recommended

    Excellent shave, normally smooth, no issues

    David B.
    • Value for Money

    The best out of the ~dozen brands I've tried

    Very smooth - feels like I forgot to put a blade in the razor sometimes. And they've been very consistent so far. Judging by the lack of consistency in blade reviews, is seems like the best blade for you will depend on a combination of your razor and skin type. For me, these were clearly a step above all of the other top rated blades. I'd definitely give these a try if you haven't yet.

    Tim T.
    • Value for Money

    Good, not great

    After Red Box Persona swapped up their manufacturing a few years back, I've been searching for a new go-to. This blade is very sharp, but lacks the gentle touch that other blades have. Reminds me a lot of the Persona's I'm trying to leave behind. I left the shaves with no weepers, but some skin irritation. For my face: Not bad, but not an everyday driver.

    Joshua F.
    • Value for Money

    Sharp blades

    These are by far some of the sharpest blades I've tried. My favorites have been Bolzano Superinox and PolSilver, but I've found that Bolzano is not so forgiving, and PolSilver seems to dull top quickly. I have the fortune of being self employed, so I don't have to shave daily if I don't want to. When these blades arrived (very quickly) I was sporting a three day growth. The 7 O'clock cut through it like butter. But I also didn't get any cuts or nicks as I experience with Bolzano. Plus, after four shaves so far, the blade seems just as sharp as it was the first time. After reading so many reviews for all the blades here, I'm starting to realize that the most important factor in a blade's performance, is one's face. Some blades that others swear by, seem to rip the hair from my face rather than cut it, and others that people hate, work very well for me. I think hair thickness, skin thickness and consistency, make a huge difference, so it's best to try all the blades you can to find what works best for your face. I've yet to try many blades, but for me, Gillette 7 O'clock is now one of my favorites, and I'll try all the other Gillette blades.

    Don A.
    • Value for Money

    very satisied with product and

    very satisied with product and quick service.