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    Grand Bay

    How many great bay rum companies can there possibly be? The scent itself is so classic that we thought we'd heard the last word on the subject. But when we're wrong, we don't mind manning up and admitting it. And we were dead wrong to think there was no more great bay rum to be found.

    Grand Bay comes to us from the island of Dominica, one of the prized producers of the proprietary ingredients necessary to produce the iconic scent. There's a light, fresh purity to Grand Bay that conjures up its origins in local ingredients and simple, homespun recipes created with the carefree attitude of the islands. Hand-crafting each bottle the old fashioned way ensures that your shave experience will bring with it the familiar quality that's benefited generations of islanders. Cooling, refreshing, soothing, invigorating, and somehow innovative in its timelessness ??? this is the new chapter in bay rums. This is the one that's putting Dominica and its natural treasures back on every shave enthusiast's map.