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BOGO 30% Off Aftershaves
BOGO 30% Off Aftershaves

Grooming Products & Essentials

Ok, whether you need to trim your beard, your nose hair, or your fingernails, we've got the grooming products and tools you need to stay well-groomed from tip to toe.

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    Gold Dachs Bartwichse Hungarian Moustache Wax

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Besides shaving, what products are considered in men’s grooming?

We carry a wide range of grooming products to help a man stay dapper. In addition to the classic wet shaving products, WCS stocks pomades/clays/waxesshampoos/conditionersbath barscombs/brushesdeodorantscolognes/eau de toilettes, and more. And for the man who doesn’t shave, we carry beard oils, balms, washes, and waxes/tamers. Everything you need to put your best foot forward can be found in our men’s grooming products.

What are good men’s grooming products?

Of course, a “good” grooming product will have a certain subjectivity to the answer. However, we are partial to small-batch, simple-recipe, natural-ingredient products that care for your largest organ (the skin) without the chemicals/preservative/nasties of department store brands. You can use our filters to narrow down products to best sellers (to see what most people are enjoying), or artisan (to support small businesses), or even a specific price range (or maximize your grooming dollars). 

Do men’s grooming products include beard and mustache care?

We certainly include beard and mustache care as grooming products. Anything that keeps you looking tip-top can be found on our site. Whether you are a daily shaver, an occasional dabbler, or a grave-before-shaver, we’ve got products to keep you fragrantly clean, suitably moisturized, and superbly tamed. 

What’s in a men’s grooming kit?

Depending on what type of grooming you are looking to do, we have options for you. We carry safety razor kits that include razor, brush, soap, and blades. Our straight razor kits have a razor, soap, strop, and brush. We also have shaving kits of matching soaps/splashes or shampoo/conditioner or traveling products