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30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes
30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes

Heritage Collection Shaving Brush, Heritage Silver Soft

  • Retro shaving brush
  • Loaded with Heritage’s popular synthetic
  • Available in 10 different handle styles

Heritage Collection is bringing so flair to your shaving den with their vintage designed handles. They are looking back to bring you popular brush styles, and forward to use innovative and modern materials.

This brush is loaded with a popular knot from Heritage in their Silver Soft synthetic. This knot boasts a wonderful face feel, good splay, and whips up a lather in a mug/bowl or on your face. It is easy to maintain and cruelty free.

Put this wonderful knot in a handle of your choice

  • Adoration Red-over-cream
  • Adoration Cream-over-black
  • Adoration Cream-over-butterscotch
  • Adoration Cream-over-green
  • Adoration Cream-over-blue swirl
  • Erskine 150 Black-over-gray
  • Erskine 150 Red-over-blue
  • Erskine 150 Orange-over-cream
  • Erskine150 Cream-over-red
  • Albright Rubberset Gray-over-clear