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30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!
30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!


You might look at our Herold strops and think, hey that looks like another brand. And you'd be correct. Herold is a German manufacturer that makes some of the best strops in the world for other brands, one of them being one the most famous in the wet shaving industry. We buy direct from the factory, which allows us to offer an incredible deal on these top of the line hanging strops for straight razors. We offer them in three leather options, including Russian leather, cowhide, and oil-tanned Russian leather, the latter being a very interesting and rare option. Take a look at the pastes, as well, and compare - you'll see an incredible value.

  • Herold Yellow Strop Paste-West Coast Shaving

    Herold Yellow Strop Paste

    2 Reviews

    The Herold Yellow Paste is used to maintain the condition of the leather on your strop. It works particularly well with Russian leather. A little g...

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  • Herold Red Strop Paste-ST-HLD-602-West Coast Shaving

    Herold Red Strop Paste

    1 review

    The Herold Red Strop Paste is a sharpening paste used with strops and bench hones after honing or just periodic touch-up. It has a particle size of...

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  • Herold 84J Russian Leather Paddle Strop-West Coast Shaving

    Herold 84J Russian Leather Paddle Strop

    1 review

    A paddle style strop with a wood handle for a secure grip Double sided with natural leather on both sides Long-lasting to keep your edges sharp fo...

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  • Herold Green Strop Paste-West Coast Shaving

    Herold Green Strop Paste

    1 review

    The Herold Green Strop Paste is the coarsest sharpening paste they make and is used for straight edge razors that are beyond the need of just a tou...

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  • Herold 155Ri Cowhide Strop-West Coast Shaving

    Herold 155Ri Cowhide Strop

    Traditional, hanging strop from Herold gives your blade the edge you want Durable metal swivel and handle will last for years Quality materials fr...

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  • Herold 195J Russian Leather Strop-ST-HLD-195J-West Coast Shaving

    Herold 195J Russian Leather Strop

    3 reviews

    Hanging-style strop with metal swivel and cushioned handle for comfort Russian leather for fine blade polishing and sharpening Quality materials a...

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