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Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!
Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!

High Sun Low Moon

High Sun Low Moon was born about the same time as artisan and founder, Cassie Courtney, gave birth to her own child. During her pregnancy, she became concerned about the chemicals in so many grooming products. In order to protect herself and her growing baby, she began to craft her own self-care products. Like great healers, herbalists, and Egyptian queens before her, she found the magic to be found in harmonizing with plants. Her products are carefully crafted in small batches of consciously harvested, high quality plants.  

  • High Sun Low Moon Clay Mask, Mother Rose-West Coast Shaving

    High Sun Low Moon Clay Mask, Mother Rose

    Dry blend face mask Exfoliating, tightening, cooling Mix with water, hydrosol, apple cider vinegar, or honey Cassie Courtney began her journey to...

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  • High Sun Low Moon Body Oil, Golden Oil-West Coast Shaving

    High Sun Low Moon Body Oil, Golden Oil

    Nourishing oil For use all over the body Infused with rose scented almond oil High Sun Low Moon was birthed nearly the same time as the artisan’s...

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  • High Sun Low Moon Mud Mask, Plant Wise-West Coast Shaving

    High Sun Low Moon Mud Mask, Plant Wise

    Dry powdered mud mask Great for eczema, sunburns, and acne treatment Mix with water, hydrosol, apple cider vinegar, or honey Embrace the power of...

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  • High Sun Low Moon Tea Bath, Sacred Soak-West Coast Shaving
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    High Sun Low Moon Tea Bath, Sacred Soak

    Tea bath Soothing herbal blend Calming chamomile, rose, and lavender High Sun Low Moon founder and artisan, Cassie Courtney, began her journey in...

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Is shaving soap better than shaving cream?

As you might expect, the answer is “it depends”. When you want to whip up a lather quickly, a shaving cream is often a good choice. However, a shaving soap has a base that allows for many more ingredients. So, if you are looking to get a good moisturizing, protective, long-lasting lather, then you will probably want to stick with shaving soaps. It might take a little longer to get a good lather, but the time spent is worth it.

Is shaving soap necessary to wet shaving?

Some sort of protection is vital to a wet shave. You will really do a number on your face if you attempt to take a blade to your skin without the benefit of some sort of lubrication. Many classic wet shavers will choose to lather up a shaving soap, but you could use a cream, gel, or even an oil. However, your results are definitely improved when you choose products that are designed for the specific purpose of shaving.

Can I shave with regular soap?

The short answer is yes. However, as stated above, your results with wet shaving are greatly enhanced when you use the products designed for it. Shaving soaps are formulated to create thick, rich (protective) lathers that stay on the face and loaded with ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin post-shave. A regular soap might produce an airy, bubbly lather that doesn’t provide much protection and a post shave that leaves you dry and cracked.

Do you leave shaving soap in the mug or bowl?

Many artisans today are loading their soap into containers/tubs that are perfect for lathering. They are wide-mouthed and over-sized just for the purpose of lathering. If you are using a puck or refill, then there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t leave it in the bowl or mug. With any shaving soap, however, it is important to rinse off the excess lather and leave it out to dry as much as possible. This will increase its longevity and reduce waste if it sits wet.

Will shaving soap get too old to use?

Unlike a shaving cream, a shaving soap generally does not get too old to use. Like a bar of soap, shaving soap can last and last. Technically, the biggest thing happening over time is that more water evaporates from the soap (but that can actually improve the soap, this is what triple-milling does). However, the scent will gradually fade over time so you don’t want to hold onto your soap forever.