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JS Sloane

JS Sloane brings the dazzle of the silver screen to the modern day. Even in black and white, the brilliant sheen of a Hollywood gentleman from a bygone era is impossible to ignore. In those days, a well-maintained style wasn't negotiable; it was required for social interaction, and that's the way the creators of JS Sloane like it. Pride, grace, and suave certainty were the hallmarks of a silver screen gentleman, and they can be yours now with every classic product from this elegantly imagined brand. Of course, a glamour brand for the modern era has to be better than its predecessors, so JS Sloane has re-formulated the old gloppy pomades and brick-hard brilliantines to be sleeker, shinier, and easier to wash out. Their shave and hair products promote not only good looks but good health for your skin and hair, making you the leading man in every situation.

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