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30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!
30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!


Layrite was developed at the Hawleywood's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor, where switching to a new water-based hair product led to better haircuts. It was here Donnie Hawley combined the best characteristics of favorite products, but crafted with a formulation that was easy to wash out. Perfected and approved by actual customers in the shop. Eventually, these products became the company Layrite, proudly offering some of the finest men's vintage-inspired products, expertly crafted with a modern flair to meet the demands of today's man. They are water based designed for optimal hold and shine. They hold well like waxes but you don't have the hassle of the extra scrubbing to get it out. They do not dry stiff so they can be combed out throughout the day for that extra tidy-up. In addition to the hair goods and tools we also carry the No. 9 Bay Rum, because you know...guys just like this stuff.

  • Layrite Cement Hair Clay-West Coast Shaving

    Layrite Cement Hair Clay

    1 review

    Strong hold clay for all-day styles Matte finish for a natural, low shine result Water-soluble so it washes clean out of hair Scented with Layrite...

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  • Layrite Original Pomade-West Coast Shaving

    Layrite Original Pomade

    2 reviews

    Superior hold Gel like texture with medium sheen Water based and feels clean Pomade scented with mild vanilla fragrance Layrite Original Pomade ...

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