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BOGO 20% Off Shaving Soaps & Creams. Use Code BOGO20


Merkur double edge safety razors are a household term among wet-shavers! These German-crafted shaving tools have become a standard in the industry. They are part of Dovo, who was founded in 1906. Merkur offers very interesting options and are far more expansive than many other safely razor companies. You can get a variety of head styles ranging from a straight safety bar, open comb, or slant bar. In addition to the heads, there are a variety of handles from 2 piece, 3 piece, and adjustable razors. They tend to have very good knurling on the handles, which is helpful when your hands are slippery. Merkur is a great brand to explore if you have not found exactly the perfect razor for cutting those whiskers and need to try another razor style, or if you are the kind of guy (or gal) who just likes to change it up a bit sometimes.

  • Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades-10 Blade Pack (Single)-West Coast Shaving
    from $6.25

    Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades

    71 reviews

    Traditional double edge razor blade Stainless steel, platinum-coated Available in packs of 10 blades OR grab in bulk with 50 or 100 blades Merk...

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  • Merkur Mustache and Brow Razor Blades-West Coast Shaving

    Merkur Mustache and Brow Razor Blades

    8 reviews

    Merkur Blades for the Mustache and Brow razor. Made from high quality Swedish Steel. 10 blades per pack. Made in Germany

  • Merkur Double Edge Razor Travel Case-West Coast Shaving

    Merkur Double Edge Razor Travel Case

    20 Reviews

    This travel razor, made of genuine top grade leather, will fit most Merkur classic or Futur razors and many other double edge razors. Black leather...

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  • Merkur Safety Razor Box-West Coast Shaving

    Merkur Safety Razor Box

    13 reviews

    Store your safety razor in traditional style using this Merkur plastic safety razor case. This clamshell style box will hold double edge safety raz...

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