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    Mr Natty

    Calling all ragtags, rogues, and royals -- and you bounders, rounders, and cads, too -- oh heck, if you've got a hair on your head or a beard on your face, you may as well get acquainted with Mr. Natty and his tip-top toiletries. Made exclusively in England and now available to us Yanks, these hair care and shaving products are sized perfectly for hopping the pond. Made in the grand tradition of a good barber's kit, Mr. Natty's line of lotions and potions has something for every gent, scoundrel, and all of you in-between sorts: waxes, oils, elixirs, soaps, pomades, and all manner of practical applications for your personal grooming needs. Whether it's smoothing, thickening, conditioning, or cleansing you need, pop on a bit of Mr. Natty's, and Bob's yer uncle.