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30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!


Whether you're clean-shaven or an aficionado of facial hair, the choices you make about the face you present to the world say something distinctive about you. The tools you use to cultivate your look should make an equally compelling statement - preferably, not the "disposable drugstore special" kind. You're a real man now; why not shave with real instruments, hand-crafted in Germany for over 65 years? Muhle offers product lines for your individual comfort and style, ranging from simple traditional-style brushes and straight razors to sophisticated badger-hair brushes with designer inlay, perfect for the man who prefers a touch of elegance in his daily routine. Durability and style are the hallmarks of the Muhle brand, making everyday grooming tasks a noteworthy occasion.

  • Muhle Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl, Chrome Plated-West Coast Shaving

    Muhle Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl, Chrome Plated

    5 Reviews

    Shaving in the traditional way is so much better than using an electric razor. It's also far better than using those little plastic devices with sn...

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