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    Musgo Real

    It's hard to keep your composure when the demands of modern life are doing their best to wear you down. Don't let everyday stresses show on your face; be as composed and refined on the outside as you are on the inside with Musgo Real products. Time-honored recipes keep your skin protected from the ravages of sun, wind, and external stress, while updated fragrances ensure that you stay sharp and revitalized - not to mention, irresistible. Since 1887, Claus Porto, the parent company of Musgo Real, has lived and worked by one motto: "Preserve the past. Hearten the present. Challenge the future." The Musgo Real man does all three, with a distinctive style and refined taste that can't be denied. From the company that prides itself on its "magical mixture" of ingredients, comes the magical mixture of qualities that define a new masculinity. Consider yourself the Merlin of modern men.