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    If your google search looks some thing like this: "Australian, small batch, vegan, artisan shave cream", then. . .wow, you are specific. But never fear WCS has you covered with Occams. This family run business is all about producing simply great products from simple ingredients. Named after the principle of Occam's Razor (you might have to google it!), a principle in problem solving that favors simplification over complication, this company is bringing you high quality, good-for-you, uncomplicated grooming essentials. In an age of excess, there is no better example of needless complication than shaving. "Once a dignified ritual, shaving's now the absolute epitome of over-engineering. It's all proprietary five-bladed vibrating razors with ergonomic grips and dubious foams in cans, filled with unpronounceable synthetic chemicals and known irritants." In response, Occams wants to bring you back to the basics of a great shave: a single, wickedly sharp blade and deeply cushioning lathers from mild ingredients. Discover (or rediscover) the simple joy of a really good shave with Occams.