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Merkur Classic 1904 / 1906 Safety Razor, Open Tooth

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  • Chrome faceted handle
  • Classic 3-piece safety razor
  • German engineering

If you spend any time at all on our website, you will discover that many of the WCS bestselling razors bear the Merkur name. That's because Merkur is synonymous with great tools. From its inception in 1896 to today, Merkur has served their customers with quality and distinction. In this Merkur Classic 1904/1906 Safety Razor with Bar, they stormed the archives to bring you a truly traditional shaving instrument. When Gillette first introduced this safety razor animal in 1906, it might have looked a lot like this. Merkur introduces it with all their expertise behind it.

This grooming essential is a chrome-plated beauty in a 3-piece design. The traditional 3-piece design allows you to quickly change the blade by unscrewing the handle from the two-head plates. Sandwiched between the two plates is your favorite DE blade. Simply switch them out and screw back together. You will be shaving again in no time.

The faceted handle is beauty and function. While it graces your bathroom vanity with aplomb, it also provides grip in wet environments. . . like wet shaving! Features the open tooth safety bar for thicker beards and a more aggressive shave.

Make Merkur your go-to: Merkur Classic 1904 / 1906 Safety Razor, Open Tooth.

Made in Solingen, Germany

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Morton B.
  • Value for Money

Great Shave

I was afraid of using an open comb razor. Read up on them and checked them out on You Tube. I finally did it and ordered the Merkur Classic 1904/1906 razor. Let my beard grow for three days prior. When it arrived, I slipped in the Merkur blade that came with it and away we went. Wow! No nicks, no cuts, just one great shave. The short handle did not bother me at all, in fact, I liked it. My chin area has always been my big problem. No more. This razor of yesteryear made it feel as smooth as silk. Think this will be my go-to razor.

Mike D.
  • Value for Money

My favorite razor

I have a very large razor collection & tried almost all of them. There is something very special about this little guy. It gives the perfect shave every time. Also very versatile with any blade. Merkur has the best open comb head I've tried. If I had to buy and use only one razor, this would be my pick most definitely.

Michael M.
  • Value for Money

Love the razor

It's a good shaving razor it gives me a bbs

  • Value for Money

Great shave, marginal aesthetics

A couple of notes. I shave every day. Week days I wear a closed collar and tie, so I want absolutely smooth skin. I like my original DE (Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl) but felt it was causing more irritation than is necessary. The Jagger is my first DE razor and was (is) good. But I was hoping for better. Plus it's been six months so it's time to try something new. I decided to try an open comb since I've pretty much got the process of bloodless shaving down. After reading reviews, I chose this one. The retro design and ties to the first-ever DE razor were appealing. And the idea of it being German equated to quality in my mind. In order to avoid writing a novel, I'll hit the highs and lows, in my opinion: PROS *Great shave with little effort. My skin is still fairly smooth the next morning. *Great price. Although my Jagger closed comb was only $9 more. CONS *Feels cheap. Maybe it's the lightness, compared to my Jagger. Even when I set it down, the sound that comes from the pieces seems more like a low-grade metal. *Handle. Too short and a little too slender for my moderately sized hands. * Chroming. The handle is nicely chromed, as is the top. But the surfaces one sees less often are more silver-colored than shiny chrome. And the less-exposed surfaces look like they have brush strokes in them. *Fit. The threads aren't as tight as they should be. The razor locks tight when fully closed down, but not before. And the two pins that hold the blade in place are longer than the should be. They get in the way a bit. Lastly, the sides of the razor blade protrude from the sides of the razor a bit. They aren't sharpened, but they are still thin, somewhat sharp metal. *Grease. Black and lots of it. I'm still cleaning that stuff off. To me, a razor is more than a tool. It is also something that should look good and feel good. And I'm willing to pay a higher price for the aesthetics. Since this razor isn't defective and does give me a heck of a shave, I can't justify asking to return it. But I've already started looking for a replacement open comb.

Donovan S.
  • Value for Money

Good Introduction To Open Comb

I started wet shaving with the Merkur 34C. After awhile, I found that the safety bar was actually stretching my skin and resulting in a less than efficient shave. Having developed confidence in my shaving technique, I thought I'd try an open comb razor. Since I was already happy with my experience with Merkur, I decided upon the 1904, based mostly on the price. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of the razor. While lighter than the 34C, I find it easier to control the angle and pressure. The three-piece construction holds the blade firmly, providing just the right amount of exposure for my face. If I have a complaint in this regard, it's that adjusting the blade before fully tightening the razor can be a bit time-consuming. The alignment pins could be better designed, but they serve their purpose. Overall, I would recommend the 1904 for those interested in open comb razors. For me, it is easy to use, and is not overly aggressive, even with Feather blades. It also has an excellent price point.